Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, my son (ultimate gamer dude) and I were talking about video games one day, and I guess I mentioned wanting a Wii. For the fishing games, because you can get a "fishing pole" to play with. So said kid goes and buys a Wii. Says it's for my birthday/Christmas. We have had an absolute BALL with this game system! Bowling, pool, darts, racing..... we are all together playing (instead of mom being attached to her computer at the hip!!)

My dad and his long time girlfriend live in Germany. My dad is one of those people who are impossible to buy for. He has everything, needs nothing. Yesterday, I get an email from my step-mom, saying my dad wants this balance board for his Wii. I'm instantly tickled, my dad has a Wii??? My kids proceed to tell me that he is the "cool pop" just like I'm the cool mom, because I play video games with them. So anyway, my step-mom can't find this balance board online for anything less than an exorbitant amount of money. Seems EVERYONE wants one, and certain sellers have figured this out.

So I go on a mission. It's not often my dad wants something that I can provide! The kids and I go to town, and hit the two "big box" stores that my smallish town offers. No balance board there. Too early for the mall to open (does anyone else's mall open at the really strange hour of 10 am on a weekday?). Decide we will have to go an hour up the road to the "City". Come home to get driving directions off the internet. Can you tell I don't go to the "city" very often?? LOL.

Step-mom said Circuit City still had the balance board. Just happen to check online for store availability..... nope, none at any store within a 100 mile radius. Well, crap. OK, how about Best Buy? Nope. Toys R Us? Yeah, if you want to spend that exorbitant amount of money, because theirs is in a bundle, with a bunch of other stuff. Check a few other online places. No dice.

OK.... the mall is open now. Let's go there, and check out the video game store. Walk in, look around. Nothing on the wall, or around the register. Ask the really nice sales clerk. She says SURE! We have them in the back!!! Tell nice sales clerk she is my new BFF. She laughs at me. But I don't care!

So today, I have to get this mailed off to my dad in Germany. And do laundry. And hopefully find time to make my nieces Christmas quilts. Which would happen a lot faster if I'd get off this computer!!!


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Brandi said...

We LOVE our Wii!! I swear my husband and I play it more than the kids. Our current addiction is Wii Music. We're both former band geeks.

We joined GameFly, which is like Netflix, but for games. They send us 2, we send them back when we get bored, they send two more from our list. It's great!

Mariokart is one almost everyone loves. My personal favorite is Carnival Games--it has skee ball and I can't get enough skee ball.