Monday, November 3, 2008

Something for Monday

In September, we went to visit DH's sister in N.C. for a couple of days. She had to work, so we jumped in the truck, to see what we could see. I found this old covered bridge. The road is closed off, so I took the picture from the other side. I love cool old stuff like this!

This was next to the covered bridge.

Across the street from the covered bridge was this really cool building made of logs. Underneath the roof, there was lots of OLD equipment, tractors, and stuff. Unfortunately, this area was also blocked off with a big locked gate. I stood beside the road (hey, I was out of town, bad place to get arrested for trespassing!) and took these pictures. I really really wanted to just walk around in there. I hated the yellow caution tape, it really ruined the "oldness" of the picture.

Next to this was an old grinding mill. There were old grind stones laying around. It's really grown up and was hard to get a picture (standing beside the road, with 18 wheelers coming around the corner and blowing you around!!)

Too bad I don't have a really cool camera with telephoto lenses. All I have is my poor Kodak Easyshare, with 5.0 MP. Even my DD's camera is better than mine! Ahh, one day, I'll be a grown-up, with a grown-up camera!

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Brandi said...

I love old buildings, and that covered bridge is great! My parents live on the New Hampshire/Vermont border and there are several historic covered bridges in the area. I always like to take pictures of them.