Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mental Mayhem

Lots of things going on in my brain today. Rumors of the company I work for going bankrupt (add to that the fact that DH and my DS who lives at home and pays rent also work there), and the fact that I can't seem to STAY above water bill wise.... ugh. I've checked out the couponing sites... I just don't see coupons a lot for what I use. Am I missing something? We really don't spend a LOT of money on groceries... I don't think. Granted, DH is a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy... well make that "meat and rice". The kids and I are the potato lovers. Beans and cornbread, or stir fried vegetables with minimal meat? Kids and I are all over that. DH says "Where's the meat?". I have pork chops thawed out for tonight's supper. DH's favorite. Kid's and I are blah to that. I have the other half of the beef brisket in the oven for tomorrow's supper.

We planted a "practice" garden this year. Bell peppers, a watermelon plant, lots of zucchini and squash, 2 okra plants (note to self, 2 is not enough), a tomato plant (which went CRAZY, and none of us really eat tomatos?), and a couple of cucumbers. I planted too late in the year, so the bugs really enjoyed a lot of that. Especially the fire ants?!? Next year's garden plants include some beans, a row of corn, a different variety of watermelon (this year's watermelons all developed blossom end rot)

In other wierd metal thoughts...

I love my washer and dryer. I got the washer when my old washer finally died. Not that DH (who IS a mechanic) tore the old one apart in attempts to fix it. Only to find out it was cheaper to buy a new one. So I got a front loader. I love love love it. Course, after I got mine, they came out with the really cool "steam cleaner" ones, but I'm content, and hope I get a good 20 years service out of this washer. Then DH said I needed a matching set. Which I don't. I'm not that kind of girl. He said he was going to get me one for my birthday. I said whatever birthday it was that the old dryer died. So of course, the old dryer died. Thanks (in part) to my DD, who uses the dryer as an iron. And overloaded the CRAP out of the dryer when she washed her clothes. So, unbelievably, the (used) dryer to match my washer was living at the appliance store my step-son worked at. With the pedestal/drawer attachment!! (That was another $100 I wouldn't spend on the washer). And because it was used, I got a GREAT deal!

So now, I love doing laundry. The washing, the drying, even the folding (mostly because of the wonderful space on the tops of the washer and dryer!). Now the putting away part..... lets not go there. I'm even back to washing most of the kids clothes (which I quit doing when they turned teens), but now I don't mind. Or maybe it's a survivalist instinct, because I want my washer and dryer to last.

Wow. I am scatterbrained today. Think I'll go find my camera, download whatever's on the card, and finish my Halloween quilt. And start on something new. Mostly to avoid housework.

If you stop by, please leave a message! Even if it's just HI!!!! I'd hate to think I'm out here blogging alone!!!


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Brandi said...

I want a front loader! I've always loved doing the laundry--I LOVE the smell of the soap, bleach and fabric softener all together. I could do without the folding and putting away.

Hopefully things will be O.K. at your job. Bankruptcy doesn't always mean the business will close. Good luck!