Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ahhhh, home

Yesterday, I got stuck at work for 11 hours. My feet were throbbing when I finally got home, all I wanted to do was sit and chill out a little. But noooooo.... DH is sick (probably because of the coughing woman in the doctor's office Monday. She was really sick, and had no business sitting in a waiting room full of people.... better to be whisked back to a room to wait!!). Anyway, DH wanted me to fix his Thera-flu, bring him a drink, bring him a wet washcloth for his head... etc....etc... etc.

He got the first 3 items, then I had to (nicely) remind him that I was tired. He wasn't so needy after that, just sat and complained about being sick!!! Why is it that men do that? When "mom" is sick, the supper has to be cooked, kitchen cleaned, laundry washed, teenage drama listened to.... well, you all know. And I won't even go into his behavior after bedtime. Suffice it to say, he was told to settle down and go to sleep, or go flop around on the couch so I could sleep. Argh. And he laughed about it when I told him about his behavior today! He says he doesn't remember, because he took a dose of NyQuil before bed. Sometimes, I think it's a handy excuse for bad behavior.

Anyway, enough about all that.

Looks like the Halloween quilt won't be done by Halloween. Maybe this weekend. There's always next year to display it! Then I need to get busy on my Christmas gifts... potholders, coasters, maybe a table runner or 2. I wanted to make lap size quilts for my 2 new nieces (brother got married last May), but I don't know if I have time to whip up 2 quilts by Christmas. Or if my 2 nephews would be mad (I HAVE known my nephews longer!!)

So, I leave you all with a picture of my only other "finished" quilt, made out of swap blocks. I love this one, and it's mine!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who pays these bills?

Argh! After a horrible day at work (and no, we're NOT going there!), I come home to find the HEAT on in the house!!! On 75 degrees, no less!!! DD immediately tattled on her older brother (yep, she's the tell all in the family), so I go back to his room, and he's in boxers. And nothing else. Now granted, it's FREEZING (for here) today. 55 degrees, with a wind chill of 51. But DS didn't have to work last night, and I know he hasn't left the house all day. Put on some clothes, boy!!!

So, to extend the outright lack of brain function in the household today, DD has invited her best friend over to wash their cars. Did I mention it's frigid outside? Have we lost our minds? Oh, and Mr. Healthy is outside with HIS best friend, putting brakes on said friend's car. Yeah.

Me? I'm sitting right here at the computer (now that the house has cooled back off from the heater episode), and checking out blogs. I'm addicted to what's going on in every one else's life. And I'm starting to feel photo envy, you know, when your pictures are not great like all the other pictures on all the other great blogs you visit?

So, here's me. DH's mom took this picture, of me and the biggest bass I've ever caught. Which DH loves to remind me, is not NEAR as big as his was. It's a good thing I love him! Oh, please ignore the fact that I'm wearing a tank top, and I know I don't look good in it. DH loves it, and I guess that's all that matters. When you're fishing, and not really out in public!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Musings

So, took Mr. Healthy (DH) to the doctor for his test readings today (had a CT scan, stress test, tons of bloodwork). Mr. "I love porkchops and tons of salt" is now on blood pressure meds (yay, I'm not the only one, and maybe now we can start eating better!), had some abnormality with his CT scan, and because he smokes so much, has some "tuburculosis changes" in his lungs. Whatever that means. Oh yeah, and his cholesterol is up. Now, I'm not happy about all this, but considering my medical problems (blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, etc), I am happy about getting to change the way we eat. Lately, I've been frying his pork chops, and eating a bowl of Raisin Bran (love that stuff!!) And I've never cooked with salt (well, except for the things that have to be cooked with salt, like grits and chicken and dumplings. And I know some of the seasoning mixes I use have salt, so I just don't pick up that salt shaker!

So, because we were late at the doctor's office, I don't have the energy to play with my Halloween Quilt. Now my DS's girlfriend wants to steal that one! I'd probably give it to her, if it wasn't for the fact that she's never had respect for me, my house, my phone, my daughter..... this girl needs a fast dose of grow up juice. I don't dislike her though, because my son will probably marry her one day, and she'll be my DIL. (Although, for the record, DS says he's going to live with me forever, cause he likes having food on the table, and clean clothes, and all the other things SHE says she doesn't do.)

So, let me dredge around here and find a picture, cause everyone likes pictures, right? This is Mr. Healthy, with the biggest bass he's ever caught. It's also the background for my computer, which makes him eternally happy every time he walks by.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some of my quilts

So far, only lap size quilts from me. DH thinks they are good enough to enter in the fair, but I got a good look at the fair quilts this year, and no way am I that good yet! I'm having a lot of fun with this.... it is really relaxing playing in the fabric! The first one is a quilt my DD and I made for her high school chorus teacher. The teacher was fantastic, but the school district was moving her to another school. Somewhere, I have a picture of the teacher with the quilt, but since I don't have her permission to post, I'll just show the quilt.

Second picture (someone, please teach me how to type, post picture, type, post picture, without all the pictures going to the top!!!) is my FIRST quilt. All for DH. Not that he uses it much. He is just not a "wrap up in a quilt or blanket" kind of guy. But perpetually cold. Go figure.

One of these days, I will have to take pictures outside, in the sunlight. Hang them off the porch rail or something.

I finished one this week, a Halloween quilt made from swap blocks in a swap at HGTV.
I'd love to show it to you, but DD made me put her name on the label (I did, and then pinned a label over that that said "KEEP OFF!! MINE, ALL MINE!" She laughed, and unpinned that label. Anyway, she is off with her boyfriend, and she took the quilt with her. I think she took it to school Friday?!? I had enough blocks that I could make 2 quilts, so MINE ALL MINE is waiting for me to cut the backing and batting. Maybe tomorrow. Or next Halloween.

More quilty pictures later.

Hugs, Diana

First Post

Here is where I have to admit I have no idea what I'm doing. That's my first "wanna bee", I want to be a blogger! I've spent way too many hours reading other's blogs, and the excitement of it all finally got to me.

So, aside from the lack of blogging knowledge..... what else would anyone want to know about me?

I've become aware of the compelling need to pack everything up and move west. Why? DH and I have bounced the idea around for a couple of years now. We don't know anyone "out west". And for some strange reason, we both want to "live off the land". Or something close to that. I can probably blame that on "Little House on the Prairie." Don't really know what DH's deal is. I just know it came out of his mouth watching "Twister" one day.

I also "wanna bee" a quilter, gardener, cattle rancher, and a host of odds and ends. Will any of this really happen? Guess you'll have to stick around and find out.