Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Musings

So, long time, no visit. Sorry about that. The reality is, I'm antisocial. Well, I guess that's not really true, as I love to visit fellow bloggers and catch up on what is going on with you all! I just don't have much to say sometimes. Well, nothing very nice, anyway. And mamma always said.....

So, my 18 year old daughter will graduate from High School this year. I've already been informed that she is moving out and in with her boyfriend shortly after graduation. Not that I have a huge problem with this... I really like the young man. A LOT. He's a good kid, takes good care of my DD. He told her he didn't want her to get a job, because that would take away from the time they spent together, and that he would provide her whatever I couldn't (or wouldn't, how many new shirts can one kid wear?!?). And he does provide for her. Spoil her even. Fortunately for him, she's not the kind to take advantage of that.

My 21 year old son is anxiously awaiting the day his sister moves out. He thinks he's knocking out the wall between their two rooms. Little does he know, that will be my sewing room. But he said he's never moving out. He knows a good thing when he's got one, I guess. He pays his sister to wash his clothes, he pays a little rent around here. There's always electricity, hot water, food, internet. Someone to make sure he gets out of bed and off to work (kid has NEVER heard the alarm clock, but wakes up if you talk to him).

So how many of you have grown kids like my son? If he was bad, or disrespectful, I'd encourage him to move out. But with the economy the way it is, I feel like I'd be doing him a disservice. I want him to be able to save enough money to be comfortable when he finally moves out. He's a good kid, appreciates what we do for him, takes out the trash, and is enjoyable to be around.

Then I think, maybe he'll never move out? What would that be like? Wierd? Or not?

I think I'll go find something to eat. Enough thinking for one day.


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Penny said...

If it were me, I'd ease him out. Doesn't matter if he is "comfortable" once he leaves. He is exactly at the age to be uncomfortable - better now than when he has no responsibilities. I am of the firm mind that kids learn to be independent between the ages of 18 and 27. If they don't gain that sense of self reliance during that time, they usually don't.

My two cents and that is probably all its worth!

BTW - I like your blog!