Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some of my quilts

So far, only lap size quilts from me. DH thinks they are good enough to enter in the fair, but I got a good look at the fair quilts this year, and no way am I that good yet! I'm having a lot of fun with this.... it is really relaxing playing in the fabric! The first one is a quilt my DD and I made for her high school chorus teacher. The teacher was fantastic, but the school district was moving her to another school. Somewhere, I have a picture of the teacher with the quilt, but since I don't have her permission to post, I'll just show the quilt.

Second picture (someone, please teach me how to type, post picture, type, post picture, without all the pictures going to the top!!!) is my FIRST quilt. All for DH. Not that he uses it much. He is just not a "wrap up in a quilt or blanket" kind of guy. But perpetually cold. Go figure.

One of these days, I will have to take pictures outside, in the sunlight. Hang them off the porch rail or something.

I finished one this week, a Halloween quilt made from swap blocks in a swap at HGTV.
I'd love to show it to you, but DD made me put her name on the label (I did, and then pinned a label over that that said "KEEP OFF!! MINE, ALL MINE!" She laughed, and unpinned that label. Anyway, she is off with her boyfriend, and she took the quilt with her. I think she took it to school Friday?!? I had enough blocks that I could make 2 quilts, so MINE ALL MINE is waiting for me to cut the backing and batting. Maybe tomorrow. Or next Halloween.

More quilty pictures later.

Hugs, Diana


cardiogirl said...

I love quilting! But I haven't been at it for at least five or six years -- my three daughters have interrupted my sewing flow.

However I just picked up my needle again thinking I'm going to attempt a crazy quilt with my left over fabric.

I'm also attempting to teach my girls (8 and 5) how to hand stitch a straight line so they can contribute to the quilt. It's slow going, as you can imagine, but it will be fun to get back into it.

Diana said...

You will have so much fun if you can teach your girls how to quilt with you!

My DD, who's 18, quilted with me for a little while. She's just not "into" it, but loves drawing and scrapbooking. I was hoping she'd like quilting, and it would be something we could do together (she won't be momma's girl much longer!), but she is enjoying her last year of "freedom" as she calls it. Maybe in a few years she'll want to hang out and quilt with her mom!