Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Musings

So, took Mr. Healthy (DH) to the doctor for his test readings today (had a CT scan, stress test, tons of bloodwork). Mr. "I love porkchops and tons of salt" is now on blood pressure meds (yay, I'm not the only one, and maybe now we can start eating better!), had some abnormality with his CT scan, and because he smokes so much, has some "tuburculosis changes" in his lungs. Whatever that means. Oh yeah, and his cholesterol is up. Now, I'm not happy about all this, but considering my medical problems (blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, etc), I am happy about getting to change the way we eat. Lately, I've been frying his pork chops, and eating a bowl of Raisin Bran (love that stuff!!) And I've never cooked with salt (well, except for the things that have to be cooked with salt, like grits and chicken and dumplings. And I know some of the seasoning mixes I use have salt, so I just don't pick up that salt shaker!

So, because we were late at the doctor's office, I don't have the energy to play with my Halloween Quilt. Now my DS's girlfriend wants to steal that one! I'd probably give it to her, if it wasn't for the fact that she's never had respect for me, my house, my phone, my daughter..... this girl needs a fast dose of grow up juice. I don't dislike her though, because my son will probably marry her one day, and she'll be my DIL. (Although, for the record, DS says he's going to live with me forever, cause he likes having food on the table, and clean clothes, and all the other things SHE says she doesn't do.)

So, let me dredge around here and find a picture, cause everyone likes pictures, right? This is Mr. Healthy, with the biggest bass he's ever caught. It's also the background for my computer, which makes him eternally happy every time he walks by.



Brandi said...


I saw on my traffic that you'd been dropping by to visit my blog, and now a site for you finally popped up, so I had to stop by and say hello! Your quilts are lovely! I sew, but I've yet to attempt a quilt. I stick mainly to slipcovers, drapes and jumpers for my daughter (I'm not brave enough for sleeves yet :) ).

I hear you about the health issues. I have all of those plus diabetes and Lupus. And my husband is perfectly fit and thin and can eat anything... I'm having gastric bypass surgery next month, so that should help a lot.

As for blogging, I just pretend I'm writing a letter to my best friend and leave out the snarky comments about my mother in law just in case she deigns to read it someday. :)

Oh--and to add pictures throughout the text, just click on them when they're at the top of the page and drag them to where you'd like them. I find it's easier to add all the pictures after I'm done typing all the text. When you drag the picture you'll see a circle with a line through it (as in NO) or a rectangle. If you see a rectangle, you can move the picture. If you see the no sign, it'll just pop back to where you started. I've found arranging the pictures to be a big pain.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!

(from Douglass Diaries)

Diana said...

Yaay! Brandi is my first blog comment EVER! So glad you stopped by, and thanks for all the help!!!

I finally figured out that "moving pictures" thing, but you're right, it's a PITA!